Narrative Intelligence for the Energy Sector

Energy has long been a lightning rod for debate that plays out across online media. Recent events, from West Coast wildfires to the Texas power crisis of February 2021, have only heightened the sensitivity of the narrative landscape surrounding the Energy sector. At the same time, shifts in technology, regulation, and market forces have generated fast-spreading narratives that can affect the future of the industry. Zignal empowers Energy companies to get ahead of narrative-borne risks and opportunities stemming from these narratives.

"The line between social and traditional media is getting more blurred by the day. Pitching stories and breaking news no longer always means going to the largest outlet or publication first, but rather to influencers and accelerators."

Mitigate Narrative-Borne Risks

For Energy companies, getting pulled into an online narrative today could mean threats to your reputation, physical and digital infrastructure, and personnel tomorrow. With Zignal, you can catch threats before they spread beyond your control:

  • Generate an early warning alert to your rapid-response team whenever a threat emerges
  • Identify and understand the key actors and platforms driving risk narratives
  • Assure insurance carriers that due diligence efforts are underway to monitor and act on threats related to physical and digital infrastructure

Identify and Leverage Opportunities

In Energy, change is everywhere. Market shifts and technological advancements toward renewables are causing Energy companies to rethink their models. Zignal empowers Communications teams to effectively message the way their company is responding to these changes:

  • Drive and measure the impact of a compelling narrative through earned media content
  • Understand sentiment across key stakeholder segments
  • Break down Communications and Marketing silos with centralized metrics insight across media channels

Anticipate Regulatory Shifts

The regulatory landscape governing the Energy sector is in constant flux. With Zignal, gain early insight into key topics, trends, or issues affecting your business and stakeholders:

  • Understand key positions taken by policymakers or regulatory bodies
  • Surface simmering issues or trends that can portend future regulation or legislative action
  • Understand shifting consumer or public sentiment

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