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Financial Services and Insurance Top global brands across a variety of industries use Zignal to build trust and protect reputation.

Today, the financial services, banking and insurance industries must contend with multiple challenges tied to regulations, legacy systems and disruptive models and technologies. At the same time, higher customer expectations are creating new reputationalĀ risks. As these industries transform themselves, there are new opportunities to build strong customer-centric brands that fuel growth.

Mitigate reputational risks

The stakes are high for financial services firms: A high profile crisis often leads to regulatory crackdowns, loss of business, lawsuits, employee losses and other negative outcomes. With Zignal, know the moment a crisis erupts and inform key executives members of the crisis-response team.

  • Generate an early warning alert to your rapid-response team whenever a crisis simmers
  • Measure fluctuating sentiment across key topics and stakeholders
  • Arm yourself and the C-Suite with accurate, complete and actionable insights to respond quickly
  • Know when suspicious actors across the social media landscape are driving disinformation about your brand

Differentiate your brand

In a rapidly changing marketplace with new Fintech upstarts, differentiate and protect your unique brand identity

  • Drive a compelling narrative through earned media content and measure its impact
  • Understand sentiment across key stakeholder segments
  • Break down communications and marketing silos with centralized metrics insight across media channels

Anticipate marketplace and regulatory shifts

Marketplace shifts or changes in consumer sentiment will often fuel regulatory and governmental oversight. With Zignal, gain key insight into key topics, trends or issues across your important stakeholders.

  • Understand key positions taken by policymakers or regulatory bodies
  • Surface simmering issues or trends that can portend future regulation or legislative action
  • Understand shifting consumer or public sentiment

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