Narrative Intelligence for the Health and Pharma Sectors

Businesses in the Health and Pharma sector are under a lot of pressure, facing high expectations from the public and the government around pricing, access, and the patient experience. Zignal provides Risk and Communications professionals with narrative intelligence to help mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities within the Health and Pharma space.

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"With Zignal, we can really measure the media coverage that we're getting. That helps us to design or drive the strategy while we're developing those campaigns."

Strengthen Patient Engagement

It’s crucial to understand the patient experience as it pertains to your business. Zignal provides granular insight into how your brand is being discussed in the patient community:

  • Build better satisfaction and loyalty by fully understanding how customers have experienced your products and services
  • Analyze customer sentiment toward your brand and build communications and marketing campaigns accordingly
  • Identify key influencers in the patient community and track their public messaging in real time

Know Your Impact

With Narrative Intelligence from Zignal, you gain full, detailed visibility into the impact of your campaigns:

  • Measure the impact of your earned media campaigns among patients, policymakers, and other stakeholders
  • Leverage Zignal’s Media Quality Score to gauge the effectiveness of your communications and identify weaknesses
  • Optimize your brand’s narrative by tracking changes in the Health and Pharma landscape in real time

Neutralize Threats

In the highly-scrutinized Health field, your finances, reputation, and security are vulnerable to narrative-borne threats. With Zignal, you can quickly identify and neutralize these threats:

  • Generate early alerts to emerging threats so you can mount a rapid response
  • Avoid non-compliance fines as Pharma regulations, such as FDA 21, increasingly require Narrative Intelligence.
  • Track changes in brand sentiment in real time across key topics and stakeholders

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