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Over the past few years, massive changes across the healthcare industry are forcing insurance, pharmaceutical and medical device companies to rethink their communications and branding strategies. Specifically, healthcare insurance consolidation between insurers and providers, Medicare expansion and increased regulatory oversight will fuel new reputational risks — while creating new opportunities to build stronger brands that address modern healthcare demands.

Track healthcare trends and legislative developments

Across the entire media spectrum, generate reports on news coverage, competitive analysis, industry trends and pending healthcare legislation and regulation

  • Understand and segment the key healthcare positions taken from key members of Congress and policymakers
  • Inform your executive team exactly what’s happening through up-to-the-second dashboard insights
  • See which legislators are most vocal on healthcare issues and what they’re saying
  • Pinpoint key influencers and detractors

Measure the impact of your campaigns

Build brand and drive your narrative across your stakeholder segments

  • Differentiate your narrative in a fast-changing healthcare marketplace
  • Understand how your campaigns spark social media conversations
  • Measure the impact of your earned media campaigns and narratives across key stakeholder segments.
  • Know how your brand performs relative to hot-button issues such as Medicare and ACA

Protect your brand from reputational risks

Know the moment a crisis erupts and inform key executives members of the crisis-response team

  • Generate an early warning alert to your rapid-response team whenever a crisis simmers
  • Measure fluctuating sentiment across key topics and stakeholders
  • Arm yourself and the C-Suite with accurate, complete and actionable insights to respond quickly

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