Influencer Marketing Cut through the noise and identify the influencers that matter most to your brand.

Find the experts that are talking about your brand

Powerful media intelligence surfaces everything you need to know about key influencers – both supporters and detractors.

  • See what advocates are saying and give them a foundation to support your brand.
  • Know when detractors denigrate your company and respond constructively.
  • Find a correctable error in a story and contact the influencer responsible.

Pinpoint and segment the relevant conversations

Continually monitor mentions of your brand to identify influencers and drive the right conversations.

  • Segment your influencers and tailor outreach to journalists, product experts and industry pundits.
  • Track total mentions, impressions, influencers, sentiment, competitive mentions and keywords.
  • Learn your share of voice and measure how your messaging are resonating.

Deepen your relationships

The more you know about what key influencers say to their followers, the better you can engage.

  • Learn what motivates influencers and experts and tailor messages for them.
  • Refine your media contact database and add notes based on details of journalist coverage.
  • Generate better earned media coverage to meet your communications goals.

"Zignal helps us identify the ‘who’ and the ‘why’ behind our share of voice. With a data-driven approach, we are building trust in our brand with the right advocates and experts."

VP of Digital at a Leading Travel Industry Company

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