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Manufacturing and Automotive

Digital transformation is changing the face of the automotive and manufacturing industries. Specifically, innovation is creating new offerings such as green/hybrid vehicles and self-driving cars. IoT (Internet of things) is also infusing new technologies and business models into manufactured goods. As part of this massive shift, companies must redefine their brands across a range of key stakeholders. More importantly, to remain competitive in these uncharted waters requires new methods of understanding consumers and the market.

Bolster your brand value

Reputation is extremely important in the auto industry. Some consumers are completely loyal to one brand. Yet in today’s fickle marketplace, consumers will quickly explore a competitive options if recommended to them by someone they trust.

  • Drive the right campaigns and narratives that promote your brand
  • Measure the impact of those messages across your key audience segments
  • Determine sentiment across your entire automotive product line

Gain valuable competitive insights

In a highly competitive market, automotive manufacturers must know how their top performing brands stack up against the competition.

  • Accurately measure share of voice attributes and sentiment
  • Gain timely and accurate competitive information about new products, recalls, financial performance and executive changes
  • Create differentiated communications strategy and campaigns

Anticipate issues and mitigate crisis

Product recalls, safety hazards, financial performance and security threats are commonplace issues within the automotive and manufacturing industries. With Zignal, inform your issues and crisis management activities with data-driven decision making.

  • Detect a simmering crisis across the digital and social media spectrum and decisively take action
  • Deliver accurate, complete and actionable reports to the C-Suite
  • Centralize metrics, reporting and dashboards for a coordinated global response

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