Narrative Intelligence for the Manufacturing Sector

From market and regulatory shifts, to the vulnerabilities of widely-dispersed infrastructure, to pandemic-driven shortages and other supply chain sensitivities, the Manufacturing sector has good reason to keep track of narratives that impact it. With Zignal’s Narrative Intelligence Cloud, Risk and Comms teams get the intelligence they need to detect and respond in real time to narrative-borne threats to their supply chain, reputation, physical plants, and compliance. Manufacturing sector professionals in Communications and Marketing can also glean insights into narrative-borne opportunities, as they emerge.

Strengthen Your Security

With Zignal, you can get ahead of narrative-borne threats to your physical and digital infrastructure, personnel, supply chain partners, and more:

  • Create “early warning” alerts to ensure you’re aware of threats the moment they emerge
  • See in real time how mentions, key actors,  and more come together to form risk narratives
  • Protect your supply chain by easily expanding your monitoring to include narratives related to your partner organizations

Know Your Impact

With Narrative Intelligence from Zignal, you gain full, detailed visibility into the impact of your campaigns:

  • Measure the impact of your earned media campaigns among consumers, policymakers, and other stakeholders
  • Leverage Zignal’s Media Quality Score to gauge the effectiveness of your communications and identify weaknesses
  • Optimize your brand’s narrative by tracking changes in the Manufacturing landscape in real time

Sharpen Your Communications

The Manufacturing sector is front-and-center in narratives around globalization, regulation, employee safety, and more. Zignal gives you the data you need to harness those narratives to inform your communications:

  • Rapidly surface the data you need to understand and act on narratives around supply chain constraints, as well as new policies and trends
  • Ingest sentiment, source reliability, and more to measure the scale of a crisis and determine your course of action
  • Discover and act on compliance and safety concerns that can affect your business and reputation

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