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Connect with voters and constituents

Know how issues, elections, candidates and legislation align with shifting public opinion.

  • Track sentiment, mentions, impressions, influencers and keywords relevant to your platform.
  • Gain insights on geo-location or voter demographics to plan your communications strategy.
  • Targeted alerts show you when to pay attention and how issues, candidates and campaigns are performing.

Political message development

Dig deeply into media data to generate compelling messages that inspire constituents.

  • Discover trends that are driving voter interest.
  • Plan messaging platforms and campaigns that really resonate with voters.
  • Track your share of voice across geographies to maximize your reach.

Control the 24-second news cycle

In an always-on media environment, Zignal helps you control the public narrative and protect your reputation.

  • Collect and analyze data in real time to neutralize negative scenarios or crisis situations.
  • Craft a rapid and relevant response and be armed with the right data to put out fires.
  • Know the political media influencers and optimize your relationships.

"Amid fake news, a fragmented media environment and shifting public opinion, Zignal helps us pinpoint the precise issues that matter to our voter base."

Communications Director, United States Congress

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