Narrative Intelligence for the Public Sector

Today’s information environment demands a rapid and comprehensive understanding of the pervasive narratives that can threaten national security, public health, and public safety missions around the world. Zignal Labs provides public sector organizations with industry-leading narrative intelligence tools to detect emerging risks, measure the impact of global and hyperlocal conversations, and react to adversarial influence in real time.

“Using Zignal’s platform, we were able to take the unvarnished, unmediated conversations real people were having around the opioid crisis on social media, compare that to the uni-directional messaging from traditional media sources, and make sense of them both. We saw the specific geographic areas where variations on these conversations were taking place, helping us understand regional differences that could prove critical to public health.”

Gain an Early Warning

Public sector agencies need to know what’s happening in real time — and more importantly, what narratives are developing as a result. Zignal’s machine learning technology detects relevant conversations as they emerge and propagate online.

  • Leverage Zignal’s global open source media dataset and proprietary ingestion engines, including direct access to real-time feeds and historical archives
  • Build custom Boolean queries or surface machine-curated topics relevant to mission needs

Measure Impact and Effectiveness

Understanding the scale and scope of an online conversation is critical to preparing an effective response. Zignal provides an extensive analytic toolkit to measure and assess the impact of key narratives.

  • Access a comprehensive library of data visualizations, ranging from network clusters to word clouds and geographic maps
  • Apply proprietary AI-driven data enrichments for messaging virality, sentiment, reliability, and malign automation

Maintain Situational Awareness

With countless systems already in place, your team can integrate Zignal insights into any mission environment, keeping stakeholders at every level of an organization informed.

  • Display Zignal dashboards in multi-screen formats, ranging from mobile phones to command centers
  • Develop custom analytics solutions and integrations using the Zignal API

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