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Influence Intelligence

Every organization across the globe, whether in finance, the public sector or healthcare, faces the risk of unexpected, harmful events that can cost untold impact to their business operations.

Working with key stakeholders in your organization’s Reputation, Business Risk and Corporate Security departments, Zignal provides a robust platform for getting ahead of potential risks. Leveraging real-time monitoring to provide regular reports on targeted threatscapes, Zignal gives you the situational awareness you need to protect your most critical assets.

Reputational Risk

In today’s always-on media cycle, your reputation faces countless risks – whether it’s an unforeseen financial crisis, cyber-security hack or shareholder activism. With Zignal’s real-time monitoring solution, you can mitigate risk, build a stronger brand and better understand unpredictable marketplaces.

  • Build an early warning system to proactively alert you when negative activities, news or sentiment are detected.
  • Rapidly drill in to key reputational risks to analyze the severity, story anatomy, influencer maps and historics of any situation.
  • Understand a story’s trajectory across media – from Twitter to Reddit to traditional news and other outlets.

Business Risk

Whatever the source, interruptions to your business operation can lead to loss of revenue, loss of customers, delay in time-to-market or lead your operations to fail. With Zignal, you can identify and alert for risks towards your business – such as product leaks, supply chain exposure or strikes and civil unrest – that could impact your ability to provide continuous business operations.

  • Proactively identify and manage business risks, allowing you to limit the impact to your bottom line by shifting resources or adjusting operations.
  • Identify, analyze and transform potential risks into opportunities to develop more efficient and consistent business operations.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by mitigating business disruptions.

Corporate Security

Today’s companies, whose operations are often spread across the globe and synchronized to run 24/7, are facing a wider range of threats than ever before. With Zignal, enable stronger and more efficient corporate security with a situational awareness solution to identify and alert for potential threats to the full spectrum of your business, including your executives, employees, events, information systems, data security, privacy and physical security.

  • Quickly detect and remediate physical and cyber threats, including security for traveling executives, data leak monitoring and other scenarios that could harm your company.
  • Create alerts related to key security and compliance issues, such threats to physical facilities, your information systems and more.
  • Utilize data-driven insights to develop a holistic situational awareness of your organization’s threatscape, enabling the increased ability for preventative action.

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