Narrative Intelligence for Risk Teams Detect – and take control of – threatening narratives before they emerge.

With the exponential growth of threatening narratives, meme stocks, and other narrative-borne risks, it has never been more important to know and act upon the narratives that could affect your organization – before they become mainstream.

Zignal’s Narrative Intelligence Cloud empowers users to detect and mitigate narrative-borne threats in real time – as they emerge, and throughout the lifecycle of the narrative. With Zignal, risk professionals can understand a narrative’s trajectory across media – from Twitter to Reddit to traditional outlets and beyond – and analyze the severity, story anatomy, influencer maps, and histories of any narrative. Organizations need to understand the narratives that are affecting them right now, and which can affect them in the future.

Financial Outlook

The narratives that emerge in today’s always-on media cycle can quickly jump from online forums to your balance sheets. With Zignal, you can protect your financial bottom line from narrative-borne risks.

  • Build an early warning system for narratives that could negatively affect your reputation, threatening downstream financial effects.
  • Protect your organization from narratives aimed at manipulating your company stock price.
  • Detect and get ahead of threat actors using narratives to disrupt your partnerships or supply chain.

Compliance Risk

Risk and Compliance professionals in highly-regulated industries leverage Zignal’s Narrative Intelligence Cloud to help them meet specific regulatory and due diligence requirements.

  • Reduce initial and monthly fines by providing proof of due diligence to auditors when faced with credit card data breaches.
  • Provide evidence of compliance with FDA, FFIEC, GDPR, NERC, PCI-DSS and other regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure preparedness for future regulatory changes that will require increased narrative awareness.

Physical and Digital Infrastructure

Today’s companies, whose operations are often spread across the globe and synchronized to run 24/7, are facing a wider range of threats than ever before. With Zignal, enable stronger and more efficient corporate security with a situational awareness solution to identify and alert for potential threats to the full spectrum of your business, including your executives, employees, events, information systems, data security, privacy and physical security.

  • Detect and manage narrative-borne threats to your company property, as well as your offices and other physical facilities.
  • Understand and mitigate the spread of narratives that could lead to online or physical harassment of your company personnel.
  • Prevent data breaches by getting ahead of narrative-borne threats to your IT infrastructure.

“Through Zignal, we can see if conversations or behavior that go against our policies are happening on our platform."

Mike Buckley, VP of Communications, Twilio

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