Social Media Bot Protection Protect Your Brand Against Malicious Bot and Disinformation Attacks

Detect bot-led disinformation in real-time

The digital media landscape has undergone a dramatic shift. Competitive communications and public relations have given way to disinformation, fake news and brand fraud. Fueled primarily by bots, these entities have evolved beyond the political realm to now impact top enterprise brands, including corporate reputations, stock valuations, sales performance and employee recruitment. Zignal offers a comprehensive bot protection solution to stop the spread of disinformation.

Identify bot-generated stories

Zignal combines AI and machine learning with human expertise to understand the patterns and underlying agenda of bot attacks and analyze the credibility of a bot source, its network and related conversations. Now communications teams can uncover activity and associations, see story/trend footprints and more.

Analyze bot activity

To accurately measure today’s non-linear media environment—where media is consumed across a variety of media outlets at various times—organizations need tools that let them explore data from multiple angles. Now you can understand where the bad actors are and the influence they yield, with insight such as:

  • topics/narratives bot networks are pushing
  • top bot-led conversations competitors are sharing
  • individuals that bots are following via followers/friend relationships

Uncover how bots affect your brand's reputation

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