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Sports and Entertainment From the playing field to the big screen, keep your finger on the pulse of your fan base

Sports Franchises and Agencies

Understand what fans and media influencers are saying across every channel.

  • Determine what is driving fan sentiment and sponsor engagement across different geographic regions
  • Generate analysis to understand trends and grow your fan base
  • Know how to control negative news from controversial personalities and events

Entertainment Industry

Gauge how fans and consumers respond to star personalities and entertainment titles.

  • Keep up with constantly changing public sentiment across multiple media channels
  • Know the right influencers to positively impact how your properties are covered
  • Understand what drives groups of fans so you can expand your business to new audiences

"Zignal keeps our sports franchise at the top of its game. With realtime insights from our fanbase, we can optimize our communications around our athletes, brand and sponsors."

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