Narrative Intelligence for the Technology Sector

Risk and Communications professionals at Tech firms are tasked with navigating the narrative landscape in a highly-scrutinized field. On issues ranging from privacy, to competition, to hiring practices, Tech is a lightning rod of public opinion. With Zignal’s Narrative Intelligence Cloud, you can detect threats early, message effectively, and protect your business.

Big Brands Trust Zignal

Some of our Technology customers include exciting companies like:

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"GoPro's investment in Zignal has been very valuable. It has really allowed reporting to be easier, more efficient, and more accurate."

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

In the highly competitive Tech world, knowing what people are saying about your competitors can be just as important as knowing what they’re saying about you:

  • Track changes in public perception of competing firms in real time
  • Discover which voices are dominating the conversation in your space to inform your response
  • Understand the impact of internal and external events on your competitors’ reputation

Know Your Impact

With Narrative Intelligence from Zignal, you gain full, detailed visibility into the impact of your campaigns:

  • Measure the impact of your earned media campaigns among consumers, policymakers, and other stakeholders
  • Leverage Zignal’s Media Quality Score to gauge the effectiveness of your communications and identify weaknesses
  • Optimize your narrative by tracking changes in the Tech landscape in real time

Protect Your Reputation, Sales, and Stock

The Tech sector is highly susceptible to risk narratives stemming from a wide array of sources. Narrative Intelligence helps you stay vigilant and protect your business:

  • Catch emerging mis- and disinformation narratives before they brew into a crisis for your brand
  • Segment authentic and automated accounts to better understand the origins of damaging messaging
  • Gain the knowledge you need to neutralize a narrative-borne threat before it impacts your sales and stock price

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