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Over the past few years, innovative technology providers across the analytics, AI and Cloud Computing domains have grown at a breakneck speed. But the risks and disruptive nature of these technologies have come with significant growing pains. Government leaders, regulators, the media, customers, and even investors increasingly hold tech companies accountable for the unintended consequences of their products. Yet within this environment, how can tech companies still maintain a solid brand reputation to support consistent growth?

Know the key industry personas that can impact your company’s brand

Identify key technology influencers, regulators, policymakers and analysts that can impact your company’s brand

  • Analyze how key issues resonate across your stakeholder segments
  • Quickly pinpoint the stories and conversations that are fueling public or governmental scrutiny

Prepare your executive teams

Deliver timely and accurate reports to the C-suite on competitive trends, industry news or a potential crisis

  • Measure key reputational metrics such as message pull-through, sentiment or campaign success
  • Pinpoint potentially damaging conversations across vertical segments
  • Measure key brand metrics related to executive actions, product launches or financial performance

Maintain your market leadership position

Create differentiated messaging that establishes your company as a thought leader in a fast-moving space. Gauge the impact of your marketing messages and campaigns relative to key competitors.

  • Measure the impact of your offerings and key messages across key stakeholder audiences
  • Understand how competitor news and campaigns might impact your messaging and programs
  • Get real-time access to success metrics to pivot quickly to a new strategy or approach

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