Issues, Topics & Initiatives Associate Your Brand in the Areas that Matter

Keep Your Reputation Steady in a Fast-Moving Marketplace.

Zignal analyzes millions of data sources every second of every day—across traditional, digital and social media—to surface the most crucial information to help you understand the topics, CSR initiatives and issues most relevant to your brand, whether that’s AI, cloud computing, innovation or other areas.

  • Monitor market developments as they happen so key messages are on target.
  • Set up automated reporting on topics: daily, weekly, monthly, and to different time zones.
  • Leverage the right data to push out positive messages about your brand and company.

Go Beyond Vanity Media Metrics

Truly understand the impact of your brand’s communications efforts on your organization, stakeholders, consumers and other audiences.

  • A first of its kind, the Zignal Message Impact Score helps organizations immediately measure the success of core brand attributes such as innovation, workplace equality or others to determine the health of their brand.
  • Utilizing machine learning techniques, Zignal quickly sifts through massive amounts of data to summarize events that impact the health of your brand to save time and drive insights.
  • Track core brand messages for instant insight on culture, service and other key brand attributes.

Pinpoint and Segment Relevant Conversations

Continually monitor mentions of your brand to identify influencers on particular topics and drive the right conversations.

  • Segment your influencers and tailor outreach to journalists, product experts and industry pundits.
  • Track total mentions, impressions, influencers, sentiment, competitive mentions and keywords associated with select topics.
  • Understand your share of voice versus the competition on key topics and measure how messages are resonating.

Weigh in on Trends Your Customers Care About

Powerful media intelligence surfaces everything you need to know about topics, issues and trends relevant to your organization.

  • Instantly surface stories to better understand everyday conversations and the most representative topics associated with your brand.
  • Quickly gauge sentiment, disinformation and other metrics on topics.
  • Build profiles for topics or tends you want to track to glean invaluable intelligence that fuels decision making.

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