Summit 2019 Presentations

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Build and Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Brand

Speaker: Josh Ginsberg Length: 14:12

Your brand is your most valuable asset. It determines whether consumers buy from you or your competitors. Your brand’s reputation can cause your stock to be worth billions or nothing – in an instant. But more than anything, your brand defines who you are. Zignal CEO Josh Ginsberg will open Zignal Summit 2019 by discussing how the world’s most innovative brands are flourishing in our modern landscape of uncertainty.

From the Labs | Product Innovations to Win in Today's Media Landscape

Speaker: Adam Beaugh Length: 34:44

As the media landscape continues to rapidly evolve, the Zignal product team is laser-focused on helping you stay ahead of the curve. In this session, Zignal Labs President & Chief Product Officer Adam Beaugh will unveil game-changing new products that will help communications leaders identify and react to trends faster than ever before, and connect the dots between earned media and mission-critical business outcomes.

Making Dove Fly - A Career with Purpose

Speaker: Sharon MacLeod Length: 32:45

Purpose-driven, socially-responsible brands are increasingly popular with today's discerning media and public. But what strategies should you employ to make it part of your business’ DNA? Learn what it takes to develop a brand’s purpose from 20-year Unilever veteran Sharon MacLeod as she shares how her experience leading Dove and Dove Men+Care's purpose-led mission helped her discover her own purpose.

Responding to the CSR Challenge

Speaker: Jonathan Gallegos, Chris Librie and Gale Daikoku Length: 37:20

Businesses today must be able to answer to and align themselves with a new and extended range of stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors and partners, all of whom want to engage with companies that act as responsible corporate citizens. What are the guideposts and measurement tools critical to developing and gauging the impact of your CSR initiatives?

Public Media Data and AI Are Changing the World for the Better

Speaker: Dr. Joe Smyser Length: 31:13

Scarce funding, ethical concerns and other roadblocks have long limited the use of AI in tackling critical public sector issues. Luckily, that’s starting to change. In this session, Dr. Smyser will discuss several national-scale programs that illustrate how bleeding-edge technology can be used to apply modern solutions to public sector challenges stuck in the past. Learn how Kaiser Permanente is monitoring mental health, how the state of New Jersey tracks tobacco advertising and how WPP and The Milken Institute have built an opioid disease surveillance system.

Topics, Issues & Brand Association

Speaker: Caroline Caswell, Carlisle Campbell, Lisa Lanspery and George Sutcliffe Length: 35:24

How do you make your brand synonymous with "something": a cause, an emotion, a story? How do you define who you are in the mind of your stakeholders and deploy marketing and communications programs that align with those topics and stories? This session will showcase – and discuss the strategies of – brands who are storytelling masters.

The Future of Technology and Communications

Speaker: Fred Cook Length: 31:55

In this session, Fred Cook, Chairman of Golin and Director of USC Annenberg Center of Public Relations, will discuss the results of the school’s 2019 Global Communications Report, sharing critical insights on the impact of trends and technology in shaping the future of the Public Relations industry.

Digital Transformation, Measurement and the Challenge of Proving Value

Speaker: Karlee Prazak, Daryl Drabinsky, Allyson Hugley and David Patton Length: 45:11

Digital transformation is breaking down silos, streamlining measurement and converging paid, earned, owned and shared channels. This session will focus on ways innovative media leaders can measure their output, gain cross-functional alignment and tie digital transformation efforts back to the bottom line.

Don't Throw Gas on a Fire...Defending the Brand "Outside the Wire"

Speaker: Dr. Chase Cunningham Length: 32:57

Cyber attacks that can take a bank offline or steal millions of customer records are alarming, but there’s an even larger, more dangerous specter of attacks that security leaders are unprepared to combat. From AI-powered cyber influence campaigns to viral and highly-convincing fake videos, adversaries can launch, control and orchestrate attacks “outside the wire” of an organization’s secured operations. This session will help leaders understand the reality of modern cyber threats and learn how they can better protect their brand, even when they must fight “outside the wire.”

Preventing and Detecting Crisis in a Chaotic Climate

Speaker: Anuj Nayar, Paul Herrera and Antonio Ortolani Length: 38:06

Combating malicious and mainstream attacks on your brand has become increasingly difficult – and common – in the current media landscape. With over 20% of companies experiencing more than six crises per year, brands have less control than ever. Every brand must not only have an early warning system in place for known issues, but also needs to be prepared for unknown crises that can spring up any time. Learn strategies from industry veterans who have weathered many storms.